Episode 1: The Beerginnings

Two brothers, Jimmy and John Peat, team up with longtime friend Sebastian Lesch to start up their own brewery.

Episode 2: Like Father, Like Sons

Jimmy and John look back to the origins of their passion for brewing as Seb delves into the business.

Episode 3: Hopsta La Vista!!!

A contract secured, Longslice starts to brew their flagship brand,

Hopsta La Vista.

Episode 4: Brew Days

As business booms, Longslice needs to pivot to keep up with supply and demand.

Episode 5: What's The Action!? 

From commercials, labels, tap handles, beer fridges, deliveries and on and on... Longslice does it all!

Episode 6: BreWIN'

Jimmy, John and Seb talk about the future of Longslice, while Hopsta La Vista brings home a nice surprise.